January 24, 2013

Sweet Little Party

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  I was decided on not doing anything for Benjamin, since he really won't enjoy it, or even remember it. Everyone kept asking me though, and I gave into the peer pressure. I had a little party for Benjamin on Sunday after service. I  didn't go all out though.  It was just something simple and sweet.  Super sweet with all the candy and pastries that were displayed. yum! I thought it was all yummy and great, but Benjamin didn't seem so amused, at all. I tried everything to make him laugh and look joyful, at least for photos.  The only thing that made him happy was $100 bill that my uncle gifted him.  Can you believe?  Oh my baby.

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Curious George was my inspiration.  Benjamin doesn't like watching anything except for Curious George .  So it only seemed appropriate.  I got inspiration from Pinterest for the cake, and the candy bags, and we ate pizza. Just because everyone likes pizza.
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Excited about $100.

Funny story about Curious George:  One day we had a few friends over, and we decided to to put something on for little Sophia to watch. So we put the curious George movie on, from Netflix   It so happened, that Sophia watched it for a bit and then went about her business to play, and us (adults) ended up watching the whole movie. :D

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Chandra said...

Aw! How fun, fun, and more SWEEEET! Yeah, Mom, your son got happy about the $100...GOOD LUCK! hahah ;o) I've always said that I won't have a 1st year bday for my kiddo for the reasons you listed, but we'll see what happens.

More Modern Modesty

CQ| said...

Yea I was just going to get him a small cake but didnt work out that way. Lol.

Fluster Buster said...

Happy 1st Birthday Benjamin. I found you at the Love's on a Thursday Party and I’ve become your newest follower on GFC. I’m also hosting a party this week and I would love for you to come by and share this at my party - Fluster’s Creative Muster.

Hugs and Smiles,

@ Fluster Buster

Tamar SB said...

Happy birthday to your adorable little man!!

Kim Cunningham said...

What an adorable little party! I think it is perfect! He is adorable.

CQ| said...

Thanks Everyone. You are too kind :D

Natalie Reyes said...

Cute pictures! The sweets display looks sweettt!! lol...Looks like a great time. :)

Lish Hummel said...

What a sweet birthday party!! I love the photo banner and the cake is so cute!!!

Ray said...

We love you Benji!! <3

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