December 10, 2012

Taking it one by one.

Hey there,

Checking in from my cellphone. I'm still waiting for computer to return to me from fixing. (I feel so empty without it. That is not good, actually Lol )
So these last few weeks of the year are pretty busy. Sometimes when I think about it, I get overwhelmed. I try to not think about it, and just take it one task at a time.
This week I got a couple things i have to work on. I have the youth dinner on Saturday. Sarah and I, are in charge of the "photobooth", and its western theme. It will be interesting to see everyone dressed up for that. Next week we have our local church dinner, and I'm hosting that, so I'm busy planning.
It's hard to handle these task with a baby who thinks every little thing is a toy. He has to be watched every single second of the day. Basically, I have to have eyes on all sides of my head, not just the back.
I rather be busy than be bored though. So I'm thankful. Plus, I have a couple of helpful hands. :)

Here's some photos I took, on a rainy day.


Sarah Segovia said...

i hope u get your computer soon!!
and i love end of year excitment! yayyy!!!
im sure ur dinner will go great!

Natalie Reyes said...

You gals are professionals. I'm sure the photobooth will be a hit. :)

Larissa T. said...

Such pretty photos..

Hope you get your computer really soon! I'd feel empty without it too.. *sigh*

Sarah Lu said...

lovely photos!

Tamaras Blend said...

I love these photos, they're so powerful.

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