December 17, 2012

One more for UNO!

I cannot believe it. Benjamin is 11 months today. Do you know what that means? It means in exactly one month he will be a year old. Time is just flying by. It's just amazing to see him growing and changing right before my eyes. I'm in awe of God's perfect creation.

I truly can't imagine what the parents of the kids who died in the shooting feel.  I was so broken hearted when I saw the news.   My heart, and prayers go out to them.  The only thing that I can say is that we need to have our children in our prayers.  We need to pray for them Everyday, that God protect them and keep them safe every where they are. We can't be with them all the time, but God surely can!

So for his one year I don't want to go all out. The reason I don't want to is because he's not going to remember, and really enjoy it. I just want to be able to go all out when he can actually enjoy it. Ya know?

I will probably just decorate a little table, and get a cake to share with the kids at church. I will def have a photo shoot with him too. So we will see how that goes. I will keep you updated.

Anyways back to the point if this post...

If you following me on Instagram, you have probably seen these photos already.

P.s. Here's a good song for you..

Embrace the Camera


Megan said...

Ben is such a cutie! Happy birthday to him :)

CQ| said...

Thank You so much.

Natalie Reyes said...

Congrats to Benji, Cutie. God bless him.

Jules Noemi said...

Aw Happy 11 Benji :D!!

CQ| said...

thanks girls. Benji says "beeeoo chuuu.." whatever that means.

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