December 26, 2012

Did you complete your 2012 Resolutions??

Hey there,
I hope you guys are enjoying the holidays.  We've had a couple things going on these past weeks.  December is sure a busy month.  I have lots to share BUT.. right now I think it would like to go over THIS new years resolution I posted about last year.  See if I actually stuck to them. Here I go..

1. My first resolution was to have my baby.. I was over due and I was a bit fustrated.  I thought Benjamin would never be born.. but alas.. he did!  Jan 17th I accomplished my first resolution. yay!

2. Pray more.  I must say.. I did pray more than last year.. and I had wonderful experience with God...BUT, I think I will keep this resolution b/c like the song says.. I need more, I want more of you Jesus. Good song. Natalie, Julie and I sang this for Revolution last year.. we were all crying.  hehe   It's the Joy of the lord, I tell you.

3.  Eat Out Less, well this was a huge fail! If you go through my blog, you will find various post on eating out.. tsk tsk. Although I do cook at home, if we were to compare this year to last year.  I would say it's the same. what can i do? lol. 

4. Read more.. I placed a goal of 6 books.  Done!! I was even inspired to write lessons from two of them for the ladies in the church!  woot!!

5. Try new recipes.  I  gave myself the goal of trying 3 meals, and 3 deserts. Just because I'm not blessed the gift of cooking. haha.  I tried a breakfast one, and two dinner ones.  I should've blogged about them actually.  Anyways.. I did not do any desert ones. boo  :( 

6. Host a dinner.  Well.. this year I hosted a breakfasttea party, and dinner with the ladies, with the help of my friend Lesly.  I also hosted a church dinner, It was nice but we got hated on and couldn't turn the candles on.  Either way it was nice. I shall post on it soon.  Not to worry. 

7. Testify on my 10th anniversary of being baptized in Jesus name. woot woot!! This is surely did.  I posted it about it HERE!  

8. Organize my closet.  I did organize my closet.  More than once actually.  It's hard to keep organized when you live in a tiny apartment, and it's the only place left to shove stuff.  I did not however get a leather jacket :(  Next year.. hopefully.

9.  Modify my wardrobe. Accomplished!  I definitely added more color to my wardrobe.  Although I still prefer neutrals, I do have more items with color now.  As for keeping it modest.. of course. Not because I have to.. b/c I LOVE IT!

10. Become more Social. This was hard for me but I do believe I'm a bit more social.  With the Ministry in our lives, we have to be, and I don't mind it.  Before  when there was a crowd, I would prefer to sit apart, or just listen without giving input.  BUT now.. I believe I participate more in the convo.  I consider myself more friendly, than I was. What say you? 

There you have it ladies, and gents. Next week I shall post my New Resolutions for 2013. 
 I know 2013 has some good stuff for us.  Beautimous Photography is gog to reveal it's own personal this new year. So excited! woot !  Anyways Enjoy.. Go shopping! 
How cool is this photo, I took? 


Lo3_xo! said...

I think I saw you sitting in a corner once or twice at social events :p Jk

helen said...

love how you reevaluated your 2012 resolutions. it was really fun to read through these and i LOVE sweet!!! merry christmas and happy almost new year, lovely lady!!!

CQ| said...

Lies Ms Lo!!

And thanks Helen. Happy almost New Years to you too!!

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