November 27, 2012

The Jesus Revolution {2012}

As part of Beautimous Photos, I got to photograph the Revolution event here in Canada.  This year it was called "The Jesus Revolution".  I loved it because it was all centered around the name of Jesus, which is the name above all name.. Amen!
Here we are on our way to London for Rev.  The closer we got to the event venue.. the more I got butterflies in my stomach.  I was so EXCITED!
The video at the start.  That Same Jesus  One day Pastor Anthony Mangun will be there in person! by faith!
The Jesus Revolution. 
This is our special guest preacher this year. Bro. Loammi Diaz. 
The Service was bi-lingual.  In spanish and english.  My Brother in Law, Freddy, was the one who translated.   let me tell you, the preaching was amazing!  "The root of an addiction is the lack of love for Jesus".  Once they post up the preaching, I shall link it here.  
It was truly amazing.  If you are in Ontario, I would encourage you to go next year.  It will only get
 better, and that I know for sure! 
This photograph was taken by the other half of Beautimous Photos, my bes-bud Sarah. (check out her blog)
I loved it because, taking photos is my passion.

Check out the rest of the Rev Photos at The Revolution Event's facebook page.  

Ps I don't have an outfit post this week. I didn't have a photographer but I promise to have an awesome one next week. Pls forgive. :)


Sarah Howard said...

Hey Cindy!

Just found your blog! I love this post, glad you had so much fun!

Can't wait to check out more of your photos and writing!

Sarah Segovia said...

Woo!!! great pictures!! we did a great job. :D
and yes amen next year will only be better..For Gods glory

Jules Noemi said...

Cindy I love em!! The last one gives me goosebumos where the pastors are praying for the people!! Beautiful!!

helen said...

looks great!!!! but then again, i knew it would, cause your pictures are always amazing!

CQ| said...

I know eh Julie. Gives me the goose bumps too!!

Thanks Sarah and Sarah!

& Helen, you are too sweet!

The Modesty Walk said...

Like I said before, you girls did excellent!!!! I really love the ones that you took of people praying for others. Those are awesome and so touching. Keep it up ladies.

Chantal Meade said...

Wow, this looks awesome, Jesus is telling His church the same thing. About two weeks ago we had a conference called "The movement", the theme was "Jesus at the Center" and one of the messages was called, "creature worship, the root of all addictions". God is speaking. No more addictions!! Lets get addicted to Him. Awesome,


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