November 1, 2012

The Glass is Half Full

Yes, it`s been raining, and were under a weather alert.  Even with that, it has been a wonderful week. Full of countless blessings from God.  Yay to Him!

I`m looking forward to the weekend.  Nothing huge and amazing is happening but I`m just super excited.  I  just good to be excited for no apparent reason.

Anyways I leave you with a few photos of my biggest joy in life.  Luv ya bennykins :)
One of  Ben`s many facial expressions. 
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

P.s.  My Birthday is in exactly 11 days.. oh no! 


Sarah Segovia said...

u better invite us for a birthday celebration..
jus sayin
p.s. Benji is so cute

The Modesty Walk said...

Cute P.j.'s! :D

helen said...

cheers to your positivity...i am so encouraged it is grounded in the Lord! :) happy weekend

Joanna P-G said...

So cute. Great pic.

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