October 4, 2012

What's been going on?

It's not that I have been avoiding blogging or photographing.  It's just that every time I get a chance to use the computer, Benny decides to need me. Seriously.  I don't know how you mothers out there do it!
Right now I'm determined to finish this post, but as always... Benny decided to need a diaper change.  *sigh*

Besides that, other things that have been going on are..
Hubby went back to school, Benny has gotten a lot cuter, and mischievous, I've been working on a website for my hubby, and  I discovered the window sill in my bedroom. photos below!  (I suppose I could put a plant on there.. but I definitely don't have a green thumb)

I have a lot more to say and picture of Benny to show... but I have to go change little man!


Sarah Segovia said...

lol awe!
now that emma has discovered she loves being on the floor by herself i just gotta be sure to be within her eyesight...lol..so more time to do blogging stuff...but when she learns to crawl i suspect my blogging my slack..
love the windowsill pics!!the light is awesome

helen said...

the life of a great mom :)

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