August 31, 2012

Spiritual Retreat

First I apologize for lack of post. This week, in all honesty, I just been in a "I don't feel like doing anything" kind of mood. Although I still helped my hubby work on some renos at our building, and did a deep clean in my apartment, it's been with discreet "slackness" (if that's even a word). I think I'm back to normal now. back to Spiritual Retreat!

I'm a firm believer that if you go an event with a positive attitude and expecting to receive a blessing, you surely will. Last weekend we had our annual youth camp, and this year it was entitled "Activate" (or Activate yourself! translated to english).

I decided, and I think many of us did, to be positive, and seek a blessing from God. Let me tell you; I surely did.  I knew that God was going to speak to us, but I felt like some people were resisting in the beggining.  Like we were at the borderline of a blessing, and just needed to take a step forward.  When we all just took that step forward, it was like an explosion of Praise & worship. I don't think there is anyone who could've walked in, and not felt that God was surely among his worshipers.  I loved it!  It may have exhausted my carnal body.. but spirit is still leaping of Joy!

 The closing service took place in our church.  It was packed, I tell you!  The church looked so beautiful, especially during worship.  I love to see everyone just giving God their all.  Of course, I wasn't snapping photos the whole time, I got my blessing too!

I believe we are def activated to do the work of the Lord! AMEN!

 I'm ready for next years  Camp "Tiempo de Conquista"  (Time to Conquer)

PS.  I have 2 photos featured HERE.. so cool! 


Roothless.xo said...

Excited! Loved it!

Ray said...

Omg so LONG AGO...

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