July 7, 2012

You know what I never posted?

My Sister-in-law's Birthday Dinner. Oh how selfish of me. Sorry Ruth I know you've been dying to bask in the sight of your presence. (insert sarcasm)  Ruth.. (or Ruthie, as I call her)  has a blog of her own where she rambles writes about lots of stuff. Check it out HERE.  I feel I have a right to show these picture for two reasons...  
1. I took them. 
2. She got an Ipad for her birthday, and I feel that gives me the right to bully her for the rest of the year.  Not that she got it from me.. but its a great awesome gift. you know?  Much like when I got my camera..nothing could bring me down. mhmm!  

 You know what I love about Sympo? (yes I nicknamed it, as if we were long time friends) It's that we all got to the choose the cake we wanted!  What an awesome idea eh? You will never have to be forced to eat a cake that you don't like.. or that has be splatted with icing in that one corner that just happened to be given to you.  I'm proclaiming this place, our official birthday-eating-out place. 
 Seriously though.  What kind of bloggers would we be, if we didn't take pictures of our food? Gotta stay true to game.
 This painting was so huge, it covered half of the wall... and that was was huge! 

 Of course, Benji just wanted to hog the spot light... ok.. maybe we just give it to him.   Can't help it, he's just too cute. 
K that's all. So i'm not going to say happy birthday b/c I already did. 
but I do think this boosted my SIL status to.. The most awesomest EVER! 

P.S.  Monday I will have a giveaway.. so be sure to check back! :) 

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Roothless.xo said...

Bully me? bahahah.
I bully you!

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