July 17, 2012

6 Months of Adventures. *Benny Overload*

 His first adventure was going home.  
This would be the beginning of many adventures. 

This  was taken during that time when he would spent only a few minutes awake
 and be asleep the whole day. 
So I seized the moment and captured this super cute picture.  
 The one beside it was his first..big church event.  He got all dressed up. 
One of the first things he got a grip of, was these little Maracas. 
Did you know Benjamin plays the piano and sings? 
And he's an avid txter. He txt me when he's hungry. 
He also loves photography like his mama! 
Upon discovery cake, he was the happiest baby in the world! 
Benny alos discovered that he liked to have things on his face.  I will admit.. this freaks me out! 
His first sunglasses and watch.  Given to him at the first birthday party he attended. 
The average baby does not get a haircut within the first 6 months. 
Benny, on the other hand, has had two haircuts, and we are planning on the third.  
This kid has sooo much hair and it grows soo fast! 
He also got swimming lessions from his auntie and his mom. He loved it. 
Two huge highlights in his life was meeting both his grandparents for the first time. 
He was also name "new material" by his uncle who gave him a ride in his book bag. 
The old man face, kills me.  It's so funny. 
I don't know how long the average baby takes to discover his toes. 
All I konw is his cousin Emma discovered hers first and she's younger.
I also know that Benjamin is in love with his feet.  
We are going to celebrate... just us :) 
Looking forward to what these next 6 months will bring. 

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Chrissy said...

Aw, all those precious photos! Such a cutie! Love them all! xxx

Louise said...

What a cuties

brinabird said...

Awww he is beautiful...looks like a very happy 6 months of adventures. I have had to cut my wee man's hair quite a few times in his first year! x

Sarah Segovia said...

Soo cute! Love the photos.
Yay. Happy 6 months!!

Minisaurus said...

What a gorgeous son you have, here's to the next 6 months of adventures!

Ray said...

Happy 6 months Benjamin!!

Mar [] said...

All of his pictures are adorable! Especially the one with his Sunna shades :)

New follower from Mommy Huh's blog hop. Stop by for a visit when you. Can!

Charlotte said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the one of him
Playing the piano!

Vikki @ Love From Mummy said...

Oh my, gorgeous photos and total cuteness overload! xxx

Ray said...

Lovely pics! Benjamin is growing up too fast. Tear*

lucy at dear beautiful boy said...

Awww, gorgeous photos of your beautiful little man growing up. He's so cute.
Thanks so much for linking up to See It Snap It Love It. x

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