June 13, 2012

wordless. kinda.

Sometimes you just enjoy this day...
With slobber and all. 
 Today I took a bunch of pictures of my baby.. again.
P.s. check out his new hat.  cute or what? 
 Did I tell you there is a "bird Sanctuary" right behind our building?  Bird watchers love it.  I love to hear the birds in the morning.. just praisin' Jesus.  
Downtown bridge. 
 Tiny feet. 
 Not on pupose... I"m reppin, even though El Salvador totally lost..I heard. lol. 
 Best Chocolate.. ever. EVER!!! 


Sarah Segovia said...

omygoodness!!!!! Benji is pure cuteness!!!! I LOVE THAT PIC OF HIM!!!

The Modesty Walk said...

Cute pics. I must agree, toblerone is the bestest!!!

Ray said...

I have to admit, you take THE BEST PICTURES! ever thought of being a photographer? your too creative! its awesome! i love the pic of Bengie<3

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