June 12, 2012

Where did he get it from?

via Instagram :) 

Benjamin is a total morning person. It's strange because I am not..at all. Except when something super exciting is going to happen. Or that one time when I was pregnant and got up extremely early...that was a strange day (read about it HERE).

To be completely honest though, I love waking up and playing with Benji. It doesn't matter what time it is. It's that "mothers love" my mom always talked about.

I love it!

 Let me tell.. we sure do have fun in the morning. 


Sarah Segovia said...

love it!!! hes such a cutie!! and ya i know what u mean..a mothers love :D

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Oh wow, he is better than a cup of coffee to wake up to in the mornings. So precious!

Roothless.xo said...

I'm a morning person :) yay to morning people :)

Ray said...

O m G Benjamin is such a cutie! i love all his face expressions! why can he never be happy with me? :(

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