June 6, 2012

Ruth is Old.

They say when you marry someone, you marry their whole family too.

This is weird and not true. I am def not married to my sister-in-law.

If I was...
I would...
Make her breakfast in bed,
Go have lunch wherever she wanted
Possibly clean her car,
Make her fave dinner,
And kiss her goodnight (uh..that's not weird at all?)

That being said... I'm glad it is not literal. Eww.

So all I have to do is say...

Happy Birthday Ruth!!!
Your my fave SIL ever! (so far..?)

1 comment:

Roothless.xo said...

Hehe!! Man, if only you would do all those things!!!
Awe, shucks!! Thank you for posting all those beautimus pictures of me!

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