June 9, 2012

Photo A Day June

So I did the photo a Day challenge.  yay! 
I started at day 3.. A bit late.  Better late than never.. right? 


3. Homemade cupcakes was on my plate.  yum. 
4. Close up of my baby and I.
5. A one way sign taken during an afternoon stroll.  

6. I could not find a hat anywhere. Is that weird?
7. Drinking tea. Chai tea that is. :)

8. At 6pm.. Benji was waking up from a 10min nap. awe. 
9. It's a rainy Day today.  Not much for a view.. but still lovely. 


amy said...

oh those cupcakes look AMAZING!! Thank you for linking up! It's fun to check out the pics!

Sarah Segovia said...

i have sd it before and i shall say it again...love the mason jars!! and the cupcakes look yummy! and Benji is soo cute!!!
love it all

Ray said...

Totally awesome! Me like!

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