June 14, 2012

I Had a Moment with God.

I thanked Him.
For all the blessings He has given me. For my family both carnal and spiritual. For the church and my Home. For my health and that of my family. For so many things that I have, that I don't deserve.

I asked for Him to forgive me.
For doing, thinking and saying things that are not pleasing to him. For putting other things before Him. For complaining, and being ungrateful. For other things that are just between God and I, and for sins that were unknown to me or that I didn't remember.

I asked Him to be clean me.
To wash away all my sin. To purify me. To make me white as snow. So that my prayer, my praise and my worship may be acceptable unto Him.

I praised Him.
I told Him how Wonderful He was. How there is no other God that could ever take His place. How no one would ever suffer and die on that cross for me, like He did. I'm so grateful, and I praise Him for it. He is simply amazing!

I asked Him.
To Guide my life. To bring peace to my family and church. To see the needs of His people and do His will. So, His name will be glorified. To speak to our lives. To save the lost. To fill us with His Spirit. To give us understanding of His word. To anoint us, and those who preach his word. To allow us to be like the church in Acts, who witnessed miracles and wonders, and signs followed them as they preached His name, and people were saved.

I proclaimed Healing in Jesus Name. Deliverance in Jesus Name. Victory in Jesus Name.

And then...
I Worshipped Him.
I Worshipped Him.
I Worshipped Him.
How I love to worship Jesus.

It was just God, and I.
I was in his presence.
I told Him how much I loved Him, and I felt His everlasting Love.
He spoke to me, and I listened.
I surrendered to Him, and He filled me with His Spirit.
How Sweet it is.

 I thanked him, once again, for speaking to me, and for his presence.
"I love you, Jesus" Is that last thing that came out of my mouth, for I knew that this wasn't it, but we would be walking together all the time.

My True Story.

*This is Praying Through The Tabernacle

I took this picture at the Family Conference we had a couple of weeks ago. 
This gentleman was definitely having a moment with God.

1 comment:

Ray said...

Very nice. Love how well you expressed yourself and really speaks of how wonderful God is to us, without us diserving anything! Our God is way too good. Way too good!

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