June 18, 2012


Yesterday Benjamin turned 5 months. For all non-mothers this may not be a big deal. For me, on the other hand, every month is a huge deal. I would totally throw a party... But I know he will not remember at all, and I don't think that would be good on the wallet. you know?

So I'm just going to overload this wonderful post with pictures of my baby. I know you will appreciate the cuteness of this post :)
Happy 5 Benny!

 He totally knows when I am taking pictures of him.  He even poses. Its hilarious. 

I love this old Man face. lol.  


Sarah Segovia said...

love it!!! hes such a cutie!!!
Happy 5 months Benji!!!

Ray said...

I keep thinking he is older, but he is only 5 months! wow, he is still growing up so fast. Cute pictures!

mrzPerez said...

awww already five months!! thats crazy!! happy five months benji!!
hes soo cute

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