April 16, 2012

An Eventful Weekend..

!"Called to Impact" was this weekend. Bro Jason Aguilar came all the way from California to preach. It was a huge blessing. Gods presence was so moving so greatly in the sanctuary. It was so beautiful. I got to feel it, See it, and Hear it. I  was also one of the singers. I'm wasn't that great But I gave it my all. Even though I couldn't hear myself... the benefit was seeing everyone worshipping and feeling God's presence. It was beautiful. I even snapped some pictures Hehe (coming later)
This has got to be one of my favorite preachings!! Be Bold! 
!Also we broke record attendance at our church on Sunday. By two people. May not be a lot but it's reason to celebrate. Yay!!!

!Some News: it's offish! We are moving...by next week we will be living in Guelph. Thank God..cuz traveling every weekend sucks! This will definitely help me complete another new years res. I'm excited.

!And lastly, but more importantly...the most important woman in my life turned another year young! My mothers birthday was this weekend. We celebrated by buying a little cake to share with our lovely brothers and sisters in church. It was nice.

I love my mom. Shes the best person in the world! What would I do with out her.

Happy Birthday Mami!

Here are some random pictures of the weekend...
After all what kind of post doesn't have pictures??

Funny faces make me laugh..

Ps. Ive been so busy..I'm going crazy here. I will apologize in advance for the lack of posts!


Ray said...

Cool beans. Thanks for inviting me to your moms birthday! on the other hand, YMU was an awesome event!! Very, VERY POWERFUL!

beautyfashionbyme said...

Hi there! Love the post! I just followed! Could you follow me back and give some feedback! That would be highly appreciated


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