April 20, 2012


I Found yet another awesome iPhone App.  It's called Cinegram.
I'm not easily impressed (ok maybe I am) but this is just too cool.

Basically you create a "gif".. by capturing a 2 sec video. You highlighting the area you want to keep moving while the rest remains still. 

Umm.. I don't know if you got that but I"m sure you will understand once you see the images below... (you prob have to be on your computer to see it)

Do you get it?  
I predict you will be seeing a lot of these thingies in the near future. 
Get this app and when you do, follow me: CQshots. 
You know, so we can see each others awesome creativity. 

Have a Great Weekend :) 

Ps. I'm moving next week. Yay! 


Ray said...

dude thats awesome! I'm getting the iphone! when did you switch back to iphone? ha, i told you iphones are better! lol

Mary Kate said...

That is sooo cool!!

Jazmin.Q said...

Thats so cool!!

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