March 12, 2012

The Weekend

As stated in my previous post, this weekend we were at a church conference in Ham & Cheese town. (aka Hamilton) All the churches got together for a powerful Praise & worship weekend. It was amazing.

I have never ever seen so many people go googly-eyed. Boy did Benjamin attract attention. (Maybe it was because he was all suited up?) Everyone wanted to see him and carry him, even those ppl who never talked to me. (yep those!) It's like Rubes and I were walking under the shadow of our baby.(wonder how long that'll last)

Anyways..I left my camera at home..but I did have my handy dandy iPhone. To be honest I forgot about it, until... About the last few hours I was there. I was in worry-something-might-happen mode. (don't blame me, it was Benjis first public appearance)

So here is a Picture Show.., (yes pun


reflectingtheglory said...

Benji looked so handsome!!

Ray said...

i like all these pictures..and benjamin is the ultimate cutest. Baby of the year<3 lol

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