March 14, 2012

The Light Experiment

I've been noticing something in my house and that is... when the sun is setting there are some pretty cool patterns everywhere. All along the walls and floors. The sun coming through the blinds has just been dying to get photographed. (it discreetly told me)

So Benji & I, (cuz he loves photography too.... Hopefully) decided to seize the moment and play with the light. Yay

We called It "The Light Experiment!" :)

Oh, and I took these with my iPhone because I got this really cool app that I want to experiment with... I will show you the end result maƱana!


reflectingtheglory said...

love it!!!
u and benji look awesome! :D

CQ| said...

Thank u madam :)

Ray said...

This is so NEAT!

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