March 21, 2012


I have completed yet another New Years Resolution..

The first was having Benji. Done!

#7 was testifying about my 10year anniversary of being Baptized!

DONE! & I got proof.

I'm not a baby cryer, I swear... But something about truly expressing my inner most feelings just makes me ball. Happens everytime. Maybe it's bc I don't do it that often.
My uncle is giving me a pity face. lol.  (yep.. the dark man is my uncle)
At least it wasn't like my infamous graduation speech where I "ummm'd" forever and finally just said "thank you for coming" haha.

Today.. i'm going to take pictures of Emma!! yay! How exciting :)

1 comment:

reflectingtheglory said...

wow 10 years!! congrats!!
and yay!!

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