March 30, 2012

An Awesome Vacay

From the Guest Room has been having Hospitality Month.
It's been wonderful reading all the advice and recipes.
Today it's Hospitality Link UP party... and in honor of that I'm going to tell you one of my best vacations...  where I stayed at my uncles house.

BUT first I want to show you what happens when I visit my mom...
It's all about Benji... these ppl are not making me feel like the guest.. helloo!! 

So before I moved here...I visited. I stayed at my Uncles house. My aunt and uncle are very busy ppl, so they left my cousin in charge of us. (My sister and I)
It had been a while since I took a big vacation to visit family. I don't really like staying over at peoples house. I just love the comfort of my own home. I really do.
Well.. I was only suppose to be staying for a week, but I loved it so much that I decided to stay for a few more weeks.

I'm not much for staying at people's houses but my cousin just knows how to make you feel at home. She made it her mission to make it an awesome vacation, and that, she did. She let me stay in her room and the weekend they had othe ppl over, we had a mini slumber party in the living room.  Yes.. we were adults and yes.. we still do sleep overs. (don't judge me)

During the time I was there she did everything in her power to ensure that we had the best vacation ever! She took us out to eat or ordered in...(I did gain a few pounds but no one noticed.  Those were my skinny days). We went out shopping, touring the city, to the swimming pool, to the beach, and even to a weddings. (We were invited.. we did not crash it)

She deliberately went out of her way to ensure that we had the best vacation.  Now that's a host.  After that experience as a guest...I hope that as a Host I will be the same. When that times come.. I shall be prepared...(hopefully)


Jessica zapata said...

And u even got to come to my wedding! I would have never thought u would be there since u moved sooo far and we lost contact! But was happy to have u there hopefully our little boys get along like how we did when we were younger! Even though we live in different city :-)

Ray said...

Aww what beautiful memories and these memories will always remain<3 wow, como a pasado el tiempo. These are moments that can never be forgotten. By far that summer with you guys, was the ultimate best one. I had been lonely for like 16 years. I mean i had my clothes friends at that time, but it's never the same. We would only hang out every now and than. Having you guys around, in my house, brought so much joy to my life. Especially because we hadn't seen each other in forever. I felt like you guys were the sisters i always wanted. I know we had our fights, ups and downs, but since there is so much love among us, we got over it<3 I know I'm really not that fun lol, but i tried to make things fun. Oh and i know that i was very lazy, so i left all the cleaning for you and Jaz. haha Now, we are all taking different directions, best of all still in the path of God, even though we have our downs, but we are still walking this path and the family love is still there and i hope that family love never fades away and still keep united. Now we are to make new memories with the new family member, Benjamin Alvarez! So exiting!!

Dude you were skinny like a stick. Eww, i like you more now, with meat and nice curves. lol The best thing about you is that you dont look fat at all. You've just got a bit of meat with some nice curves! lol

CQ| said...

its so weird how that turned out eh?
They will get along.. they may even be the same age difference. eh?

CQ| said...

haha.. i know.. oh well cleaning i did b/c of how nice you guys were to us.
yea i was too skinny eh? now i'm fluffy. hahahaa

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