March 15, 2012

Story Of The Day.

Today I decided I was going to make one of my favorite meals, breaded Chicken and Rice!

I was so happy cooking up a storm...singing and all. I'm not too fond of cooking but I was so excited about making this meal.

When I finally finished. I put three little pieces, and some rice in a bowl. I thought I would savor some.

It was DELiSH! It's the best I've ever made. Maybe because it was done with a lot of love! I was so excited to eat some more. So, I walked into the kitchen again.. Yum.


All gone!
The pan was empty!
Not even a crumb!

I almost cried. Oh the disappointment. So heartbroken...there was only one person who could've done this...

Rubes, if your reading this...
You owe me!

By the way, it was compliment.
Yay me!

1 comment:

Roothless.xo said...

My mom just burst out laughing. LOl

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