February 3, 2012

Can't Wait For Spring...

Happy Friday to all :)

We've had a pretty mild winter this year but there is just something about spring that makes me giddy.  The flowers blooming, the sun shining, and the warm weather.  I even love the rain in the spring. yay!
OH, and the spring fashion.  I've been lurking my favorite stores website, and they have such nice things.  Can't wait to go Spring shopping.  Soon my friend, soon!
Check it out..

Ninewest has some really nice shoes.  My hubby and I, went Halfsy;s on a pair of shoes when we were dating...and when we got married, our dog decided he was going to use them as a chew toy.  He was sent to time out. lol.
I'm a huge fan of high-heels, as you can see, and I love the little flowered clutch, its so cute.   I think Ninewest shoes are actually worth the price, because compared to cheap shoes, they are actually comfortable. [I mean, my dog likes to eat these shoes... so they must be good]

Love the dress.. and the skirt.. and everything.
 I like Forever21. because they have such unique clothes, and they have a bit of everyone's style.  They have finally opened one here, and  It's huge, It's two stories.  I haven't gone.. but I'm excited about going!   No more having to travel to shop at this store.

Don't you love these? So feminine and pretty!
 H&M has unique clothing as well.  I like it b/c you can always find skirts.  Much like forever21, you can find unique clothing here, and at a good price, and they have clothes for the whole family.. even Benji. :)

 My all time favorite clothing store is RW&Co.  I love love their clothes.  I want everything in the store. lol.  When I go to the mall, I try to avoid it at all cost.. unless I'm ready to spend. [Yes, I love it that much] The quality of clothes here is wonderful.  I I personally think it's worth the money.

So, thats what I've been up to.  Just daydreaming of going shopping.
Have a good weekend :)


jazmin quintanilla said...

pointy shoes are bad for your feet. they squish your toes.

Mary Kate said...

I love that clutch!!

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