February 7, 2012

Benjamins dedication


It was Benjamin's dedication to God. We dressed him in his little outfit, [which we had to take in the pants at the waist because, they were too big] and my family came down to be part of this momentous occasion.
With his outfit on.  So cute!

Benjamin, and his G-ma!
They came first to my house to see Benji. I must tell ya, they are Benji crazy! All you heard the whole hour they were here was "Hes so cute!, let me carry him". Poor baby was rotated among the same four people like a million times. Who can blame them though? He's a cutey!

Ok back to the dedication...
It was nice. Both sides of the family there. Well, our families are huge, especially Ruben's... But the people that were there were the most closest to us. [minus the grandfathers, they are both out of the country. Strange how that is eh?]

Here we are on the altar.. making the commitment.

It was really important for us to do this. To commit ourselves, as parents, to raise our child knowing who God is, and to teach him to honor and love God, as we do. It was one of the things I prayed for and promised God I would do when I was pregnant. [And I shall do!]

Benjamin was very well-behaved the whole service. Even when they called us up to the altar. Well, he can't create mayhem while being asleep. I felt good to go back to church again, and see everyone. [Yes, I was actually very happy to see everyone] And they were happy to see me. [or maybe just Benji..hmm?]
The parents saying some words.  My "speech" was pretty simple, I was kinda put on the spot. .. 
And Rubes told everyone they needed to fill out an application if they wanted to hold the baby.

He has been committed to the Lord, and now it rest upon us to keep our promise, and this, we shall do. :)


Raquel Guerrero said...

Awww! Benjamin is so ADORABLE AND TINY!! can't wait to see him again!! <3

reflectingtheglory said...

Such a cutie!! Love mr. Benji :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should make a blog dedicated to me or about me one day...just saying.. lol <3

Raquel Guerrero said...

I thought my name would show, I RAQUEL GUERRERO a.K.a RAY..wrote this. lol

jazmin quintanilla said...

youR too much!!!

Mary Kate said...

That is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!

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