January 4, 2012

Walking At Home.

Benji update: 5 days left! He still inside.. but my belly feels different. Baby is moving differently too. He's coming soon.. I feel it. Hope I'm not wrong.

 We were going to walk around the mall yesterday... but decided to go grocery shopping instead, and It was definitely too cold to go walk around the neighborhood yesterday.  I just grabbed a book and started pacing back and forth in my house.  I did that for a good while actually.    Reading a good book from Nathaniel Urshan called Jacobs Ladder. Really good book. I read half of it, while pacing.  I think I need a nap.. didn't get good sleep last night. 

  The days are getting longer... When we will Benji come?


reflectingtheglory said...

awe! any day now!! go go benji!!!

reflectingtheglory said...

p.s. can i borrow jacobs ladder? :D

CQ| said...

Sure.. you can borrow it when I'm done. almost! It's really good. You will like it!

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