January 1, 2012

New Years Goals!

So last year I decided not to put any resolutions or goals.. I'm a bit against it b/c i don't like to be dissapointed.. but at the same time.. I kinda wished I would've now. Just because I could be looking back and saying "wow, I'm so awesome!" lol.  I decided this year, I will make goals.

So here are my Goals for 2012! 

#1. Have this baby!!!! Come on Benji! (I  believe this will the be the first to accomplish) Done! Click Here

#2 Pray more, and grow spiritually. I think that since last year..I have accomplished this goal..but I want to grow more&more in love with Jesus. More then yesterday. I want to keep singing..teaching..being an example...just anything God wills in my life.

#3. Eat out less.  Hubs and I have noted that we eat out too much. So, we r going to try and minimize our eating out. So for the month of January or February...(Depends on Benji) I will plan out meals...we shall see how it goes.. I shall keep you updated.

#4. Read at least 6 books. This includes the Bible. I have read a good chunk of it.. but I need to read those books I've been trying to avoid. lol. 

#5. Try New Recipes!  3 new dinner recipes, and 3 new pastry recipes. I want to try making something.. amazing. lol. I can do it.. I believe in myself. :)

#6. Host a dinner. I actually want to host a nice formal dinner.  I will find an excuse to do one this year.. even if it's just hubs and I!

#7.Testify!  I shall testify the weekend of March 22, it'll be my 10th anniversary of being baptized. I've been waiting for this one.. I even posted a reminder on my phone!  Done! Click Here

#8. Organize.. my closet, and keep it that way.   Not just my closet.. but our shoe/coat closet.. Def need to get on that.  My closet; It's pretty organized.. but I want to re-organize it. lol.  Plus add a few items. Like a leather jacket. :)  

#9. "Modify" my Wardrobe. "Modestify" it! I also want to add more color to it! I'm not the bright color wearing type.. but I do like soft colors, and instead of my usual greys and blacks, I shall incorporate MORE COLOR!!

#10. Socialize! Be more social.  I have been accused of not being a social.. but I would just like to say that everything aggravates me right now.. so when Benji is born.. hopefully I will be back to normal. :)

I have to try and we will see a year from now.. how this goes.
So End of 2012!  yay!

What are your goals for this year, 2012? 

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