January 3, 2012

Mall Walk

Benji update: Has not been born yet.  6 days left. I've been having headaches.. don't know if that has anything to do with the baby.  I'm getting very light contractions.. but very far apart. So.. nothing serious. Still walking.. 

So, yesterday our walk was around the mall.  Omg.. They have Sooo many sales!! Its the perfect time for a shopping spree..but I didn't buy anything. There is no point... I dk what size I will be yet. So I will just wait, and focus on my walking. Which, I think it was pretty good, we were there for quite a while.  Feels like we walked the mall at least 3 times.  I enjoyed it. Looking at all the pretty things displayed on the windows, and planning for the future. Spotted the leather jacket I want. :) OH, and.. I Rewarded myself with Marble slab Ice cream... Yum yum!! 

 By the time we went home.. it was snowing sooo much.  
I was like wow. In my mind I was like "Benji please don't decide to come tonight.. what if we get stuck?"
He obeyed.  I wish he would've not now though. haha.
We made it home safely thought. took us a while b/c drove very slowly and carefully.  
Thank God we have winter tires! :)
It's still snowing alot this morning. 40cm of snow so far. Where was all this snow at Christmas time?  

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