January 2, 2012


So..since we are waiting for Benji (7 days left) I have been walking. That's what everyone recommends. Walk walk walk. So I'm determined to take walks everyday until the grand arrival. Since I can't go to the gym anymore :( So we took a walk downtown. Prob not the best idea bc it was snowing.. But hey they never restricted my walking to indoors or sunny weather. At least I'm walking and it's a perfect opportunity to take some snapshots. :)

So we went to Victoria Park to see the lights last week. Surprisingly there was a lot of people there. Snow doesn't stop anyone here in Canada. Just makes things more interesting and exciting. :)

Anywho..Here are the pics from that stroll...

 All taken by me :P

Drops on my window.
Hubs sliding on the slushy snow. lol. 

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