January 23, 2012

Benjamin's Photoshoot.

I had the privilege of photographing my beautimus baby boy. He's brought so much joy and love to my home, and has filled the little emptiness that was there.  It's like we are complete now. 
He's sooo cute, I wish he could stay this little forever. hehe. I just hope he grows up to be a God-Lovin, God-fearing man!  awe..

Anywho.. Here's some pictures of our photo session! I got some inspiration for these pictures on Pinterest, of course, and you may remember seeing some of it on my photo inspiration post a while back.  It was not easy but at least I got experiment on my own newborn, and I'm pretty happy with the outcome.
What do you think?


Like Father Like Son

Psalms 139
Beautimus: A word invented by my hubby, it means.. the most beautful. hehe. 


reflectingtheglory said...

Love love love! So pro! :)

Lo3_xo! said...

LOVE HIM! and i havent even met him! he is the cutest! LOVE the pictures!

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