December 31, 2011

Bye 2011, Hello 2012.

It's a bit bittersweet to see this year go. 2011 was full of different experiences to me; both good and now they are just memories. So we now have a whole new year to make new amazing memories.. :D  With that in mind, .. 
I want to wish you Happy New Year!! woo!!  

AND just wanted to share ... 

My 5 moments of 2011...

1. Celebrating my one year anniversary of marrying my hubs :)

2. Finding out I was expecting and it was a baby boy! Plus getting everything ready, and watching him grow in my belly!! Along with the excitement of Hubs and family. :) yay!

3. Experiences with God. I have felt Gods presence more than ever this year in my life.  It's amazing.. Plus, singing in revolution and teaching praying through the tabernacle...and being a part and involved of many youth events.

4. Trip to Montreal. It was fun! And our church winning the Bible competition was epic!

5. Family get-togethers. Had so much fun with our family get-togethers.

My 5 things of 2012... I'm looking forward to, besides completing my goals, which shall be posted maƱana.

1. Parent + baby moments..and dates with hubs.

2. Seeing my dad in March & family get togethers along with Benji.

3. Wearing heels again & fitting into my clothes again. Being mobile.. haha.. oh and going back to gym.. :D

4. New spiritual experiences.  New personal encounters with God.  Oh.. and Church events.

5. Travel. Anywhere... (Muskoka? Fingers crossed)

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