November 29, 2011


 So I had the Opportunity to participate at Revolution this year.  
It is a concert/preaching event done yearly.  
Last year I got to usher... this I was promoted to singer!  
Yes, I do sing.  I sang "Holding nothing back" by Jesus Culture.. and back up for the rest of the songs.  
There I am singing... on last left! :)
Photo Credit: My Friend Abner M
Photo Credit: Abner M.

So, obv while I was singing I didn't take pictures.. but during the praching. I did.  All the pics we took are on the Revolution Fanpage.  (Click Here).   Here are some pictures I took.. that I thought were random enought to share on the blog.

Taking Video..
Randsom Smile..
Preacher.  Bro Joe Rios jr.
Remember Caleb? yay! He's so cute
He was being interviewed!

After the event.. there were sportts!
Thought it was a random cool picture.

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