November 22, 2011


    So.. These days I have been preparing for my little bundle of joyness :)
    I feel like I got everything pretty much under control...just minor things that need to be done. It's pretty safe to say that if Benji were to be born now...we are prepared!
    A little over a month to go...the days feel longer, and harder.  I can no longer get on the treadmill, so my gym days are over.. for now.  I'm pulling through though.. maintaining a positive attitude!  :)

    Here is a preview of the nursery..

    We've been working on the nursery.  Taking our time.. but getting things done! lol.  There are few things that need to be done still.. but the main things, you could say, are taken care of.  Here's a preview of what we've got so far.  It's just in need of some... well pretty much decorations.
    How did I find a place to put all those gifts?  I dk.. don't even ask. lol.  took me a while though. 
    Anyways.. Here is what we have so far....
    bare walls.  I would say needs some curtain, and wall art..I think I may display some of my photos.. hehe.   The bassinet will be going in our room, b/c that is where the baby will be sleeping during the first few days. (I don't know how long a few days will be. lol) 
    details.  Monkey theme. :)   I hope he doesn't drive me banana's..eek!

    Keep checkin' back for updates :) 
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