October 25, 2011

Baby Shower!

 Here are some random pictures of the baby shower that I thought were awesome.  
I, well Benji actually, received more gifts than we expected, and i had a wonderful time!
Thank you Sarah (her blog) for all the picture :)
yes.. its edible!! yum!
This is, my husband, me and Benjamin. lol.

oouuu Candy! and someone wants some.. 

yep.. she is blowing up a balloon!
cake!!! and a huge diaper cake! lol.

big belly
The tiniest Cutest Outfit!

 Special Thanks to my MIL, and SIL for planning it...
To Iris for the cake! It was super delicious. 
Danny for the Elephants, and turtle. lol.. 
Sarah for helping, and taking photos!  
and of course all the ladies that made it fun, and brought gifts....
AND my lovely mom, sisters and cousin, who drove 1.5 hours to be here also!! :)

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